Wednesday, December 07, 2005

And I'm off...

This will basically be a blog to record my progress turking using's mechanical turk.

While I doubt the sustainability of this service, at the moment it's a good way to make some quick money.

My goal? One Thousand Dollars.

It's a very very lofty goal, I realize, especially since they're more or less testing the service with these thousands of music HITs. But I hope eventually I can make it more or less to 1000 dollars, USD.

Why? Well, it's somewhat complicated.

You see, I'm Canadian, so the money won't be going into a bank account. As a matter of fact, I'm not planning on spending any of the money, save for $21 on a book that isn't available in Canada (Syrup by Maxx Barry, if you're wondering, and yes I already bought it.)

I want to buy an iBook.

It's completely possible, too, if the stories I'm hearing on are any indications. So far I'm up to about $60--minus the $21 I've already spent. This is after about 6 days of work turking maybe 1-2 hours a day.

The good news is I'm off for the christmas break and I basically have nothing to do aside from go to my REAL job and turk.

The only thing I'm worried about right now is whether I'll end up getting banned--I'm not hoping to turk excessively, but people have been suspended from using the service too much. I'm hoping to average about $20 a day, which doesn't sound like much but if I can keep it up (provided music hits never run out, which is doubtful,) I can make $1000 in about two months. Plus I'm sure it's completley possible that amazon sees this blog and simply deletes my account.

Why an iBook? I'm an incredibly poor student. I'm basically living off of student loans and a $100/week job at a movie theatre. I live with my parents, who try to give me as much as they can but are struggling as well. All of my computer equipment is donated from friends; I'm currently running a computer made of 90% donated parts and a laptop that was given to my father from his work after going out-of-business.

I've always wanted to make the switch to mac, and what a great way to do so then to order myself an iBook.

Now, there are a few problems--like how am I going to work around the fact that amazon can't ship the $999 iBook to Canada? And again, knowing my luck Amazon will find this blog and never sell me an iBook because I'm posting this, but there are ways around these restrictions.

I also realize there will be major shipping duties and fees, but I've already budgeted $250 for taxes/duties/shipping, which still is alot better than the $1500 or so I'd have to pay if I bought the iBook from Apple Canada--with my student discount.

Anyway, I'm going back to turking now, might as well do some music HITs before they dry out.

Current stats:

Most Productive Day: December 3, 2005--$18.09
Least Productive Day: Dec 1, 205--$2.82
Total Earnings: 62.39
Total In Amazon GCs: 32.31
Amount Needed in GCs before iBook: 966.69
I'm 4% there!


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